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New cars are gaining in increasingly complex safety and connectivity technologies, from automatic emergency braking systems to online concierge services that can check where you are going and reserve you a parking space upon arrival.

This means that there are more things than ever that are likely to go wrong, which is why Autocar’s sister site, What Car? invites your contributions to its annual reliability survey. To thank you for participating, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a £ 250 Amazon voucher.

The goal is to collect reliability information from as many car models as possible and share it with car buyers to help them make the most informed purchasing choices.

If your car has broken down in the past year, say which car? which of the 15 different areas was affected, how long the car was out of service and, most importantly, how much it cost to be repaired. This information is used to create a unique reliability rating for each model.

Which car 2020? The reliability survey contains data on 175 models of 31 car brands. Take the 2021 survey now to help us get ratings for even more car models.

Click here to take the survey.


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