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NHS nurse: ‘Got £ 10,000 COVID fine – but I’m going to take it to the High Court’ | UK News

As a seasoned NHS union representative, Karen Reissmann knew there would be hurdles to overcome to organize a street protest during the pandemic.

The news that NHS the workers would receive a 1% pay rise, which is why she was determined to have one.

After a year of fighting COVID-19[female[feminine, she believed health workers had to make their voices heard in one way or another.

Police talk to NHS worker Karen Reissmann after breaking up protest in Manchester
Ms Reissmann was fined after staging a protest in Manchester last month

It was the March 7 – just before the schools welcome almost all the pupils in the classrooms.

Under the spring sun, Ms Reissmann and her team set up cones in St Peter’s Square in the middle of Manchester to ensure social distancing.

There was a plan they had in place to try to keep everyone safe.

Initially, the police told him to continue with the protest, but when senior officers were informed, they declared the gathering illegal.

There were 40 people in the square.

This was against the letter of the COVID-19 rules but organizers also knew that many other protests had taken place and had seen common sense prevail.

When a police sergeant told her it was an illegal gathering, Ms Reissmann said she had agreed to shut down the protest and people returned to their homes.

She told Sky News: “As I was leaving, a policeman called me to the side and said, ‘May I have a quiet word? I want to give you a fixed penalty notice of £ 10,000 “… my jaw dropped.

“They threatened to report me to my employer and the Nursing and Midwifery Board in order to threaten my job and threaten my livelihood as a nurse.

National Health Service (NHS) staff wearing masks are seen protesting their exclusion from a recently announced public sector pay hike in Parliament Square.  Around 900,000 public sector workers across the UK are expected to receive an above-inflation pay rise this year as a thank you from the Treasury for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.  The salary increase is exclusive to nurses and other frontline staff, however, due to a three-year salary deal they negotiated in 2018 that led to them being m
NHS staff across the country protested the government’s 1% pay hike

After a review of the case, Ms Reissmann told Sky News that Greater Manchester Police decided the fine was still “proportionate and legal”.


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