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Sadiq Khan lambasted for ‘guaranteeing’ London police crisis’ no focus’ – ‘Why do that ?! | UK | New UK News

London mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey took to LBC with Tom Swarbrick to discuss why they were the best for the role. Mr Bailey insisted that Sadiq Khan had not focused on security in the capital. He added that Mr Khan cut police personnel funds as soon as he was elected mayor, a move which resulted in the hiring of fewer new police officers and less control of London’s streets, according to Mr Bailey .

He said: ‘It would all be so much easier to believe of the mayor if he was not the one, because his first act, when he became mayor of London, was to take 38 million from the police budget.

“If you’re sitting at home now and you think it’s all about resources, why did he do that?”

“It ensured that we would have a record number of police officers in the future.

“This is the consequence of having a mayor who did not focus on public safety.

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“He then threatened to take an additional £ 110million from the police.

“As a result, the suppression of police funding and the weakening of their position on the streets.”

Mr Bailey then moved on to security and what he would do as Mayor of London.

He said: “When you ask me what my plan for London is when it comes to crime is to make the streets safer.

“You talk about a mayor who, when he was offered the idea of ​​a violent reduction, he pooped at the idea.

“We must fight against crime!”

Sadiq Khan also stood up for his time and his mayor and his efforts to protect lives.

He said: “The priority is to reduce violence against London and the priority is to reduce violence where young people are involved.

“The police and crime plan that I published 4 years ago states that and we are making progress.

“But I was honest with Londoners, honest about the causes of the crime.

“It was my lobbying with Boris Johnson, who accepted my lobbying, and promised to fire 20,000 police officers across the country after more than 21,000 had been cut.”

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This notice was published: 2021-04-26 19:02:00