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Vicky Pattison applauded for her ‘refreshing and honest’ Instagram post on the woes of the period UK News

Vicky Pattison has received a lot of praise for her “ refreshing and honest ” Instagram post on her period.

Like many others, the former Geordie Shore star dreads the time of the month when her period begins, leading to painful cramps, heightened emotions, anxiety, and other unwanted side effects.

And, as she struggles with her latest this week, Vicky, 33, took to Instagram to post a photo of her stomach and write at length not only about her predicament, but everyone else’s admiration. “ warriors ” who go. through each month.

Vicky began the post, which at the time of writing, had been loved nearly 100,000 times in a matter of hours by calling the start of her period an ‘Auntie Coming Into Town’ before adding: ‘I’ talked at length with you guys about how my period got worse with age, but now i am faced with my body adapting to life without the implant and let me tell you … IT’S NOT A F ** KING picnic.

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“The pain and bloating that I feel is something else … but honestly I was almost on my hands and knees going through my door last night after work and it just made me want to take your all off , incredible warriors who take care of this shit every month, without complaining (well not in my case) and who are always absolute bosses, bitches !!! “

Continuing her blunt post, I’m a 2015 Celebrity Champion Vicky added, “Do you know of any other animal that can bleed for 3-7 days and still live? !! No !!! And not just live – but THRIVE !!

“We are here to make money, support ourselves and our families, raise our children, kill the game and be amazing while dealing with the cramps, the pain, the emotional roller coaster, the tears, the awkwardness, to the insatiable. need treats and all the rest !!!! “

She signed off, writing: “Go ahead queens and be proud of the period armed with handkerchiefs, chocolate and a kick ** attitude!”

The post received a huge response from many of Vicky’s social media followers, with one telling her, “Don’t think I’ve ever met a more open, real and honest woman in my life! Inspo always “, and a second wrote:” Thanks for putting in a normal picture of Godamn and making us feel normal with our period bellies !!! So sick of those “perfect bodies” on IG making us feel worthless! “

A third responded: “Thank you for sharing this normality Vicky … open that chocolate bar and turn on the kettle for your hot water bottle.”