A British policeman convicted of belonging to a neo-Nazi terrorist group has been jailed for four years and four months.

Benjamin Hannam, 22 years old, was found guilty of belonging to the right extremist group National Action (NA) between 2016 and September 2017 following a trial in Old Bailey.

He was sacked by the Meet for serious misconduct.

PC Benjamin Hannam pictured with a Hitler style mustache layered over his face

He had worked as a probationary officer for the Metropolitan Police for nearly two years before his name was discovered on a user database on the far-right Iron March forum and he was arrested last year.

After the police officer’s arrest in March last year, detectives found an image on his iPhone showing him in police uniform, with a Hitler-style mustache superimposed on his face and a Nazi badge on his face. setback.

On April 1, Hannam was convicted by an Old Bailey jury of being a member of NA, as well as two counts of possession of documents useful for terrorism and for fraud.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC sentenced Hannam, who was sacked last week by the Met for serious misconduct, to a total of four years and four months on April 30, with an additional one-year license term.

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“I consider what you have done to be very serious and you have damaged public confidence in the police by your deception,” the judge told him.

PC Benjamin Hannam acted as a recruiter for National Action and the off-shoot group NS131
PC Benjamin Hannam acted as a recruiter for National Action and the off-shoot group NS131

“I accept your policy… played no role in your policing and you provided value for the wages you got.

“And I don’t think you intended to infiltrate the police force to be useful to the far right at any stage. There is absolutely no evidence for that.”

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This notice was published: 2021-04-30 11:38:00