BMW M4 Competition Review (2021) Car News

Whether you think of this week’s test topic as the second generation of a particular M-Division performance coupe or as a de facto sixth-generation version of an even more influential one, we can probably all agree that the arrival of the new BMW M4 Competition represents an important moment for enthusiasts and avid pilots all over the world

The M4 is the modern heir to the legacy of that formative M3 homologation special from 1986 and brings a lot to say besides its styling – which, like that of so many modern BMWs, is intended to divide the world. ‘opinion.

Gone are the days when driver cars of this size and short stature were powered by naturally aspirated high-speed engines of the type many famous M3s over the decades. But we haven’t seen a partially – if not fully – electrified M car yet, so where does that leave the M4 competition? Don’t imagine it’s nowhere.

The M4, which goes by the code name G82, has a new engine, and while it may not be a free-breathing V8, it produces a lot more power and more accessible torque than even the hardcore M4 GTS of 2015.

The car also receives a different drivetrain than any M compact car before it. You can have a rear-wheel drive M4 fitted with a manual gearbox in some markets (but the UK is not one of them). Alternatively, you can have one with an eight-speed automatic gearbox or even, in a significant departure from the recognized technical model of this car, with four-wheel drive, with M3 and M4 xDrive which will later join rear-wheel drive ones. back here in UK. this year.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-30 07:01:24