Buy Them Before Us: Pre-Owned Picks For April 30 Car News

Our great car trawl starts with an E-Type, the best looking of them all. It’s a subjective judgment, of course, but Enzo thought it was then, so that’s enough for us.

Our find is a Series 2 registered in 1969. The 4.2 liter automatic 2 + 2 was overhauled in the 1980s, with a rebuilt engine and various new panels installed. A new odometer was also installed and the odometer currently shows 17,000 miles. The car has an inheritance certificate confirming all of this.

The 1-Series E-types are the prettiest, but 2-Series like this are more usable thanks to improved seats, ventilation, and lights. They are also cheaper. If we were serious, we would be all over the engine checking for cylinder head gasket leaks, looking for smoke and a lumpy running feel, which can be attributed to worn carburetor diaphragms. The oil pressure gauge should read approximately 45 psi. We check the automatic transmission for fluid leaks and, during the test drive, muddled shifts. Also feel excessive head play, rear crackling, and capricious driving.

Our example was remodeled in the 1980s, but that’s long enough ago that the rust canceled out the good work. No part of an E-Type is immune: the seams, the valances, the fenders, the engine mounts, the floor – they all suffer. Did the rebuilders put putty on it? A magnet will reveal everything.

If it all adds up, the next thing to do is check its original specs with For £ 50 he will provide the car’s build date as well as the original color and trim. It will also confirm if this right-hand drive car always has been.

Range Rover Evoque 2.2 ED4 Prestige Lux 2WD £ 12,690: Despite its SUV proportions, the Evoque is a stylish car. Our spot is a 2014 reg with a solid 99,000 miles. Be on your guard for oil dilution issues associated with DPF. Warning signs include erratic operation, sooty smoke, low oil level, and poor economy.

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