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What material is better for a dining table? How big should it be? Which way? Here’s what to look for when shopping for a dining table and a selection of the best on the market.

Buy a dining table that is as large as the space you may have available can accommodate

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The humble dining table can, and often does, serve as the centerpiece of your home. Far from being simply a place to eat, they often double as workspaces for home office work or for teenagers studying; a place to socialize with friends and family; the setting for endless board games and puzzles; A stable surface for arts, crafts and all kinds of hobbies.

So it’s worth taking the time to consider what you want from a dining table before purchasing one; A solid investment can serve you well for years to come. This is what to consider before buying.

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Try to get the largest table that can accommodate your space

You may think that you have little reason for a large dining room table, reasoning that you don’t use it much, or that there are a limited number of you living there. But if you have space for a dining table, you would do well to get the largest table that the space can accommodate.

This will mean that you will have room for entertaining, if it arises, and the room will not look sad or empty with too much space around it. You will also be surprised at how useful the space at the dining table is.

What do we mean by the “biggest table space can accommodate?”

You must leave one meter of free space.

That means about a meter of space (3 feet, if you prefer) open behind the chairs, so you can easily get on and off the table.

Round tables are great if you live in a smaller space.

Of course, not all of us necessarily have an exclusive dining room, much less a large one. If your dining space is in the kitchen or an open-plan living room, consider a round table; they have smaller footprints than rectangular tables and allow multiple people to sit around them. If it’s good enough for King Arthur …

The material you choose depends on your lifestyle.

The tables are produced in a variety of materials; The one you choose will, of course, be driven by aesthetics, but there are a few other key considerations for each moment.

Wood: Wooden tables are durable and easy to repair when scratched. The most popular wood options at reasonable prices are pine, acacia, mango, and teak.

Rock: Stone top tables (like marble) are very durable, but they are porous, making them prone to soaking up stains (if you like with a spill). They are also usually quite heavy.

Glass: Glass top tables are often recommended for darker spaces, as they connote openness and space. The downside is that they scratch very easily and will show all fingerprints, so they are best for clean and conscientious people.

Plastics and laminates: If you are shopping on a budget, buying a table with a plastic or laminate surface will not be expensive. They are also easy to clean and maintain. The biggest drawback is that people may perceive them as “cheap”.

Metallic accents go with almost everything

If your table has metal legs, struts, or accents, it will help your dining table blend into its surroundings. Gold, silver, iron, and brass are eye-catching, attractive, and match most color schemes.

Our Favorite Dining Tables Now In Stock

Celena oval dining table, bleached oak and brass

Celena oval dining table, bleached oak and brass

Dimensions: H75 x W200 x D100cm Frame: Oak, oak veneer and brass

Why we love it: It is elegant without being clumsy. The gilt brass frame has an opulence, but you won’t stray from Marie Antoinette territory. The edges are rounded and smooth, ideal if you want to make sure everyone can enjoy the conversation over dinner. It would be perfect for a light and airy dining room or, if you are lucky, a glass conservatory, for a delicious breakfast.

Buy now

Watford Vintage Style Inlaid Dining Table

Vintage Watford Style Inlaid Dining Table, 6 Seater

Dimensions: Length: 150cm x Height: 75cm x Depth: 90cm Frame: MDF top with rounded corners in walnut marquetry

Why we love it: This 1950s-inspired table will remain perennially elegant and is large enough to seat 6, but impressively still light enough to move with ease if you’re looking to redecorate or organize your dining room.

It is also the work of about 30 minutes to assemble, a stress-free experience.

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Salisbury dining table

Dimensions: W180 x D90 x H78cm Frame: Solid European oak

Why we love it: Versatile and elegant, the Salisbury Oak Dining Table could suit many interior styles, from raw and industrial, to traditional and rustic, to relaxed yet elegant.

With a natural oiled finish that shows individual knots, pimples and fractures, this is a durable, tough …

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