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Is it a Bentley? Is it a Rolls-Royce? No, it’s a Mercedes electric SUV – December 23, 2020

Aaa and breathe. A lot of words have been written about the zen state that comes over you when driving an electric vehicle, but I think the Mercedes-Benz EQC experience takes that to a whole new level – so much so that I’m really excited to be doing it. drive and I can, not a word lie, feel myself relax as I put my hand on the doorknob and prepare to slide in.

How? ‘Or’ What? I must admit that 2020 must play a role, my journey having become the six steps from the side of my house where I sleep next to my house where I work. There’s no doubt that leaving the front door has become a lot more new and exciting than it was or should be – but that’s not all.

Although the interior of the EQC draws heavily on the architecture of other Mercedes models, it feels perfectly set, from the strips of uniformly high-quality leather to the glossy finishes and the eye-catching touchscreen on the board. board that encompasses everything from performance. connects to the infotainment system.

It also helps that the seats are comfortable, there are all kinds of settings to be comfortable and you sit high, amplifying the feeling of well-being as you imperiously slide. That instant torque you get in an EV, so often referenced for its wild performance, is more notable in my book for giving you full throttle control. There is no estimate required as to the required pedal travel, as the progression is deliberate and linear.

The design flourishes, like the copper-colored air vents that mimic the appearance of an electrical circuit, also add a bespoke touch. Drive for an hour and it will even suggest a color change of the mood lighting, and play 10 minutes of uplifting music to keep you alert. I know how rude it sounds, and it’s easy to be cynical, but I find it works too, even if only by shaking my conscience.

It’s neither Bentley nor Rolls-Royce, but the interior of the EQC is so special that these brands aren’t ridiculous to draw a parallel with. Certainly everything I have described student above and beyond a mainstream Mercedes experience and places him, in some ways, in an area that I had previously associated only with very high-end cars. because it relieves 10% of life’s tensions and makes you feel special.


Pleasant reminder The EQC made driving enjoyable again for me, but with a calming emphasis.

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