It had been years since I had stood in the wind and rain waiting for a boyband.

But at 25, I once again find myself braving the elements in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Harry Styles.

The musician is currently in Brighton and Hove for the filming of his new movie My Policeman, in which he is playing the lead role.

Left: my niece Nicole and I are waiting to see One Direction in 2012. Right: me pictured in 2021

So, almost ten years after my first One Direction gig, I’m immersing myself again in the Harry Styles fan community – but this time it’s all in the name of hard work.

After hearing that filming was due to continue today in Brunswick Square, Hove, I walked down and found groups of fans already waiting in the park in the center of the square.

There was an atmosphere of anticipation as fans shared an enthusiastic exchange about the possibility that Harry could appear at any time.

The Argus: camera crews in Brunswick Square, HoveFilm crews in Brunswick Square, Hove

Movie trucks started to arrive, lighting platforms were erected, and mini buses full of extras arrived, but there was still no sign of Harry.

Harry Styles super fans Talia Duverney-Ruse, Zoe Emery and Mia Lewis, who study together at the University of Sussex, had already been waiting in the rain for two hours.

Zoe, 21, said she had been a fan since the age of 13 and was very ‘excited’ that her idol was in town.

The Argus: Zoe Emery, Mia Lewis and Talia Duverney Ruse await Harry StylesZoe Emery, Mia Lewis and Talia Duverney Ruse are waiting for Harry Styles

“I’m just living my teenage fangirl life. The fact that he’s here filming in Brighton is so cool, ”she said.

“I’m finishing my degree here in a few weeks, so the fact that he’s here filming is just crazy.”

Talia, 21, said fans were using social media to share filming locations.

The Argus: Fans await Harry Styles in Brunswick Square, HoveFans waiting for Harry Styles in Brunswick Square, Hove

She said: “The fan pages posted pictures of where he might be filming and it’s really handy to know exactly where that is.

“I can imagine people across the UK trying to figure out where he is, but we can just go down and have a look on the way to college.

“Most of Harry’s fans are all in their twenties now, so it’s not like it’s when we were all teenagers, but it’s still very exciting.

The Argus: Fans gathered on set in hopes of catching a glimpse of Harry StylesFans gathered on set in hopes of catching a glimpse of Harry Styles

But our conversation was quickly interrupted when the arrival of a black vehicle caused gasps and cries from the waiting crowd.

Fans rushed to get a better view. Some jumped over bushes, leaned over railings, and grabbed their cellphones for their lives in hopes of capturing the perfect shot.

The car stopped and exited Harry Styles.

The Argus: Harry Styles filming in Regncy Square, BrightonHarry Styles filming in Regncy Square, Brighton

But there was barely time to reach for your camera before it got out of the car and into one of the apartments.

Some may think his brief appearance would have been a disappointment, but fans were just overjoyed that they could now say they saw their idol in the flesh.

“I can’t believe it was really him,” said one fan.

Just as some thought maybe that was all they would see of Harry that day, the star came to the window and gave a peace sign and a smile to everyone who was still waiting.

While my One Direction fan scene is well behind me, I can still understand the appeal of being part of a community that so deeply shares your passion, and why so many fans will cherish their memories of seeing Harry filming in Brighton.

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