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Who makes the best tea for English breakfast? We ask builders to put beers to the test Wine News

“The color is nice and dark and it smells strong, but the taste doesn’t add much” – Ben, worker

“I’m not sure about this one. It’s a bit too bitter” – Matt, worker

“Not for me unfortunately” – Lee, business manager

Harvey Nichols must have English breakfast bags

€ 9.95 for 25 bags, Harvey Nichols

“An expensive tea which, for me, is not worth it” – Gavin, plumber

“Nothing special considering the price. I wouldn’t buy it” – Rob, carpenter

“It tastes like the traditional flavor of tea which I like and it’s not too strong, which I like” – Lee, business manager

THIRD PLACE: Selfridges English Breakfast

€ 6.99 for 20 bags, Selfridges

“I like it – it’s a classic cup of tea for a classic builder” – Matt, worker

“I don’t think I would pay that price for an average-tasting breakfast tea” – Gavin, plumber

“A decent enough cup of tea” – Stuart, electrician

SECOND PLACE: Knightsbridge Fairtrade English Breakfast

75p for 50 bags at Lidl (available in store)

“This one is decent. I would buy it for a regular cup of tea” – Stuart, electrician

“It’s a no-brainer on value, you can’t go wrong for this price” – Lee, business manager

“Good value for money” – Mark, carpenter

FIRST PLACE: Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold

£ 3.59 for 80 bags, widely available

“You can’t go wrong with a cup of Yorkshire tea. It’s number one all day” – Mark, carpenter

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This notice was published: 2020-04-21 08:01:26