Almost New Buying Guide: Mercedes-Benz SLC Car News

For the launch of the two-seater SLC in 2016, Mercedes invited the global automotive press to the south of France. It was the perfect setting for the model, because here the sun can be replaced by storm clouds in an instant.

Fortunately, when that happens, the SLC driver just pushes a button, and the car’s folding hardtop turns it from convertible to coupe in seconds. With the exception of the Mazda RF and the new BMW 4 Series Convertible from the previous generation, its metal roof is the only feature that sets the SLC and its ancestor, the SLK, apart from its rivals.

Ancestor? Despite its no-cost launch, the SLC was a refurbished version of the third-generation SLK launched in 2011. In fact, that’s not fair as the changes included new engines and gearboxes and a retuned suspension, as well as ‘a slightly refreshed interior. and exterior. Autocar awarded the most powerful version, the SLC 43, an average rating of 3.5 stars. We praised its competitive price, improved handling and steering, and year-round ease of use, but criticized its lackluster V6 engine, minimal weight, and awkward ride. These were judgments that could just as easily be applied to the less powerful four-cylinder models, although the Sport versions at least have a smoother and more forgiving suspension.

When our review was written, the lineup included 181hp SLC 200, 201hp SLC 250d, and 242hp SLC 300 variants (all with four-cylinder engines) plus the aforementioned Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, powered by a biturbo V6. 3.0 liter. producing 362bhp. Notice that 250d? It sounds like a mistake but, in fact, diesel was very popular, proving that even the rich love the idea of ​​70 mpg fuel savings or, more likely, lower car tax. The downside is the sub-par refinement of the 2.1-liter engine. You can take an example of a low mileage 2016-reg for £ 14,000.

The SLC 200 is smoother but lacks the thrust of the diesel engine. It came with a manual gearbox as standard but today the availability is divided 50:50 manual and automatic. You can take a 2016 reg from £ 16,000. Also thanks to its standard nine-speed automatic transmission, the more powerful SLC 300 has the measure of diesel but, like the 200, does not look very sporty. Around £ 21,000 will guarantee you a reg. 2016. You will need an additional £ 4000 to enter an SLC 43.

A few months after the start of the SLC’s life, the entry-level SLC 180 arrived. Powered by a 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine producing 154 hp, it exploits the strengths of the SLC as an undemanding, laid-back cruiser with a quality badge. Prices typically start at around £ 17,000 for a 2017-reg. Perhaps to hide its disappointing performance, it only came in the AMG Line version, a version that all SLCs adopted from 2017.

With production due to end in 2019, the Final Edition model, in SLC 200, 300 and 43 forms, arrived with yellow paint and unique bumpers plus 18-inch alloys. A 2020 SLC 200 with low mileage costs £ 29,000. It’s a beautiful yellow but a great way to celebrate 25 years of SLK driving.

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