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Election results: Sturgeon warns Johnson not to block second independence referendum – as SNP hopes for Holyrood majority fade | Political news

Nicola Sturgeon warned Boris Johnson about a second independence referendum, saying the Prime Minister would “fight with the democratic wishes of the Scottish people” if he tried to block another vote.

Speaking as the votes continue to be counted in the Holyrood election, Ms Sturgeon said: ‘You will not succeed, the only people who can decide the future of Scotland are the people of Scotland.’

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She added that the timing for another referendum “should be a matter for the Scottish Parliament” and “is not a decision for Boris Johnson or a Westminster politician”.

SNP’s hopes of winning an overall majority appear to be fading, but the party will be the largest party in Holyrood and is set for a historic fourth term.

Ms Sturgeon said the party had “won more votes and a greater share of votes in the constituency ballot than any party in the history of decentralization”, describing it as an “extraordinary and historic achievement” .

This sets the stage for a battle between Holyrood and Mr Johnson’s government in Westminster over a second referendum.

The SNP has vowed to introduce legislation for another vote, but that could be challenged by the UK government in court.

Ms Sturgeon argued that winning more than half of the seats in the Scottish Parliament would give her the mandate to hold another vote.

But opponents of such a move will likely grasp the SNP’s failure to win an absolute majority if that happens.

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The pro-independence parties won a majority in the Scottish Parliament, which means a …

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