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Almost 92% vote for the adoption of a neighborhood plan in the suburbs of Sheffield UK News

A plan for Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield and Tapton will now be implemented to guide future developments in the region.

It was voted in a referendum, the results of which were announced today, with 2,543 votes to 224.

Sheffield Liberal Democrat leader Shaffaq Mohammed was an elected representative of the region when the plans were first drawn up.

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Councilor Shaffaq Mohammed.

He said: “It has been a long time, but what it does is give the community a lot more power over developments.

“Local plans are the way to go, it can be frustrating in terms of the time it takes to get there.

“The Dore plan is about to unfold as well, so we’ll have another similar referendum soon this year.

“It’s about empowering communities, so it’s not always about centralizing power and control at town hall or with councilors.”

The BBEST Neighborhood Planning Forum, a group of over 200 local residents, drew up the plans over a period of approximately eight years.

They mapped out the places they wanted to see things like shops, houses and built travel routes in an area ranging from the student village of Ranmoor to Weston Park – an area hailed as ‘England’s prettiest suburb’ ‘by the late poet Sir John Betjeman.

The plan focuses on five main themes: improving green and open spaces, maintaining a sustainable and balanced community, energizing the Broomhill shopping center, providing a better experience for walkers and cyclists, and preserving and enhancing the character of the neighborhood.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-10 19:55:09