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The Golden Retriever Experience in Somerset is a Dog Lover’s Dream Country Bath City News

One golden retriever experience is that Somerset went viral last week after being quickly identified as a dog lover’s dream land.

Based in Minehead, the experience offers you a unique opportunity for you and your family or friends to meet a group of trained golden retrievers.

They start charging £ 60 for a two hour session where you are allowed to play, cuddle and feed the scavengers.

The more expensive options include a six-hour session for £ 180 or an overnight stay for those who can’t stay away from the adorable dogs.

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The experience was created in 2017 by Nicolas Grant-St James, but quickly exploded this week after TikTok user Tilly Washer recommended people visit the center.

His TikTok video has garnered over four million views and several other Facebook users have shared the tourist attraction online and have drawn millions more.

Their website lists a variety of reasons they think you should visit, including grieving a pet, stress relief, special occasions, overcoming fear of dogs, and more.

This is the perfect opportunity for dog lovers who can play search with up to 26 different golden retrievers.

The center is based in Minehead although a specific location is not issued until the booking confirmation is complete.

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A post shared on their Facebook page earlier today (May 7) read: “We’ve gone viral !!! Please be patient with us as we process requests as quickly as possible!”

You can find out more by visiting their website by clicking here.

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