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David Cameron Lobbying: Lex Greensill Asked If He Was ‘A Scammer’ During MPs Testimony | Political news

The founder of Greensill Capital – the company ex-Prime Minister David Cameron lobbied for – has denied that his former government role has allowed him to win contracts for his company.

In a three-hour marathon session before a House of Commons committee, Lex Greensill faced a range of issues related to his fundraising collapse in March, as well as his relationship with Mr. Cameron.

He denied MPs’ suggestions that he could be seen as a “fraudster” or that his supply chain finance business model was a “Ponzi scheme” like that of infamous con artist Bernie Madoff.

Mr Greensill’s business activities and Mr Cameron’s lobbying of government ministers to access government-backed COVID support programs for Greensill Capital are currently the subject of a series of investigations in Westminster.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is also conducting a formal investigation, including into allegations of the company’s collapse – some of which “are potentially criminal in nature.”

Continuing its own investigation, the Commons Treasury Committee on Tuesday asked the Australian financier about his ties to Mr Cameron – both during and after the former prime minister’s tenure.

Mr Greensill told MPs he was brought into the Cabinet Office as an adviser – when Mr Cameron was Prime Minister – during ‘the wreckage after the financial crisis’.

He said he had been tasked with advising on how to “allow the government to make interventions that have helped small businesses gain cheaper access to credit or better access to credit.”

“This is the reason why I was brought in and provided these services to the government at no cost,” he added.

“I was just trying to share my experience and give something back.”

The Australian financier has denied that he could have used his role in the Cabinet Office to bolster his own business interests.

“Absolutely not,” he says. “The first government business ever won by Greensill Capital and …

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