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Seven key announcements from the 2021 Queen’s Speech at the unveiling of Boris Johnson’s government plan UK News

The Prime Minister has placed the repair of the NHS following the Covid pandemic at the heart of the next government program.

The Queen’s speech for the official reopening of parliament included an NHS ‘catch-up and recovery plan’.

The Queen, 95, has completed her first major royal task since the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

After the speech, the Queen was seen chatting with the Marquis de Cholmondeley and others involved in the day’s ceremonies.

At one point, she made an animated gesture, holding her white gloved hands open, and gave them a broad smile before saying goodbye.

Here are the top seven announcements:

Queen says government priority is to ‘rehabilitate country after pandemic’

The Queen said the government’s priority was to “deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the UK stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before”.

Addressing Parliament from the throne of the House of Lords, she said: ‘My government will improve opportunities in all parts of the UK, supporting jobs, businesses and economic growth, and tackling the impact of the pandemic on public services.

“My government will protect the health of the nation, by continuing the vaccination program and providing additional funds to support the NHS.”

Although there is no specific legislation, “proposals on social protection will be presented,” she said.

Introducing Boris Johnson’s program, she said the government would build on the success of the immunization program to “lead the world in life sciences” when there would be “the fastest increase ever public funding for research and development “.

Government pledges to improve rail links and 5G coverage in Queen’s Speech

The Queen said the government “will strengthen economic ties through the union, investing and improving national infrastructure”.

“Proposals will be put forward to transform connectivity by train and bus and to expand 5G mobile coverage and Gigabit compatible broadband,” she said.

The legislation will support a “lifelong skills guarantee” and measures will be introduced to ensure that “business support reflects UK strategic interests and stimulates economic growth”.

Lost learning

Queen’s speech promises to address ‘learning loss’ as lockdowns close schools

The government will tackle issues of “lost learning” as children were kept out of school during the pandemic.

The Queen said: “Steps will be taken to ensure children have the best start in life, prioritizing their early years.

“My ministers will address the issue of learning lost during the pandemic and ensure that every child receives a high quality education and is able to fulfill their potential.”

Grenfell Laws

The Queen has promised new laws to prevent another Grenfell tragedy and to boost house building.

“My government will help more people own their own homes while strengthening the rights of those who rent.

“Laws to modernize the planning system, so that more housing can be built, will be proposed, as well as measures to end the practice of ground rents for new leasehold properties.

“My ministers will establish in law a new building safety regulator to ensure that the tragedies of the past will never happen again.”

North Ireland

The Queen said steps would be brought forward to “remedy the legacy of the past” in Northern Ireland.

“My ministers will promote the strength and integrity of the union,” she told Parliament.

“Steps will be proposed to strengthen decentralized government in Northern Ireland and address the legacy of the past.”

The government will also take steps to “renew democracy and the constitution”.

Proposals to combat violence against women and girls and to support victims

The government will bring forward proposals to tackle violence against women and girls and to support victims, the Queen said.

Measures will also be proposed “to put in place a fairer immigration system which strengthens UK borders and deters criminals who facilitate dangerous and illegal travel”.

The government will also “lead the way in ensuring Internet safety for all, especially children, while harnessing the benefits of a free, open and secure Internet.”

Aid expenditure

The government has faced a backlash in the face of reduced aid spending.

But the Queen told Parliament earlier: “My government will continue to provide aid where it has the greatest impact in reducing poverty and reducing human suffering.

“My government will stand up for human rights and democracy around the world.

“It will advance a global effort to get 40 million girls around the world in school.”

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