Ssangyong Rexton Ultimate 2021 UK Reviews Car News

More pleasantly, its torquey 2.2-liter turbodiesel – producing 20 more hp in this updated car – is pleasantly quiet up to the upper end of the rev range and provides ample growl. Consistency and pacing, you understand, isn’t what we’re here for, but further advancement isn’t the squeaky, squeaky chore it might be in a pickup truck of the same horsepower, for example, and with 33 mpg afterwards. a 40-mile schlep highway – it’s also a little easier on the wallet.

The new gearbox is also worthy of credit; it changes swiftly and responsively, never lingering too long at the dawn of a gear – as can often be a trap of those low-end diesel powertrains.

The plethora of interior niceties of the Ssangyong – especially those that come with top-of-the-line Ultimate trims – don’t lend themselves to the “ sprinkle and forget ” lifestyle that this type of utility SUV is so often subjected to, but they do. help give a certain panache to what is otherwise a car that goes a lot more on practicality than prestige. The seats, for example, are nappa leather type (ventilated and electrically adjustable, in addition), there is LED mood lighting and the dashboard padding is pleasantly soft to the touch.

Add to that an infotainment offering much more intuitive and capable than a few good mainstream alternatives, and the fact that you could park a Toyota Aygo (lengthwise) between each row of seats, and it’s hard to deny the Rexton’s appeal as being fully serviceable, and even a premium family bus. Of course, there are a few quirks you might not find on, say, a Toyota Highlander (the dual-zone air conditioning controls appeared to be reversed on our test car, Bluetooth just wouldn’t play the ball. and the passenger seat adjustment controls are inexplicably mounted where only the driver could reach them), but nothing that would really cloud the experience of ownership.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-11 23:01:23