2021 Spring Bank Holiday: When is the UK in late May, what is the weather forecast and activity ideas? Yorkshire News

The 2021 spring bank holiday is fast approaching and with it the prospect of warmer weather.

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This is when the Spring Bank Holiday takes place in 2021, which has the long-term weather forecast in store and some ideas for activities to do during the late May holidays as social rules relax.

Drier and warmer weather promised towards the end of May in time for the Spring Bank Holiday. (Image: Getty)

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When is Spring Bank Holiday 2021?

In 2021, the Spring Bank Holiday will be on Monday, May 31.

It is the second May bank holiday after the early May bank holiday on Monday, May 3, after the two days enjoyed in early April for the extended Easter holidays.

Some UK workers will benefit from an additional day off at Spring Bank Holiday and will use the time to enjoy some of the freedoms reintroduced in the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Unlike some public holidays, all four countries in the UK celebrate the spring public holiday on the same day: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the weather forecast for Spring Bank Holiday?

Following chilly temperatures for most of May so far, there is the prospect of warmer weather on the horizon for most of the UK.

Reports of prolonged sunny spells and high temperatures of 22 ° C from the week beginning May 17 through the end of May will boost hopes for a brighter banking holiday.

The long-term weather forecast from the Met Office predicts drier conditions for most in the south and the north will experience more wind and rain in late May and early June.

From Tuesday May 25 to June 8, the Met Office forecast: “Confidence remains low for this period, although typical spring weather patterns are more likely, with a mixture of sunshine and rain in most parts of the UK. especially in the beginning.

“Conditions will likely stabilize in late May and into June, with an increasing likelihood of drier conditions for many.

“In general, the driest and settled conditions are more likely in the south, and the north in general is more unstable due to sometimes longer periods of rain and strong winds from the Atlantic. Temperatures are likely to be around average. “

Five Things to Do During the Spring Bank Holiday

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, amid the improving Covid situation across the UK, people are starting to make plans.

Starting on May 17, some social rules will be further relaxed in the next phase of lockdown uprisings.

People in England and Scotland will be able to book movie tickets at their local theaters for a screening, and Wales will likely do the same from the same day, though this is not yet confirmed.

Gyms will be able to hold indoor exercise classes once again, while saunas and steam rooms will reopen in England in time for a spring holiday.

If the thought of working out is too much on a well-earned day off, then a pub visit might be in order, and establishments will reopen indoor service starting May 17 for restricted numbers.

Or you might want to spend some time out, maybe even take a trip to the coast, booking a hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast, all of which are expected to reopen before May 31.

People living in Northern Ireland look forward to a chance to enjoy these activities when their restrictions are expected to be eased from Monday 24 May.

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