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Fred West: Chances of Finding Body of Missing Girl in Gloucester Cafe ‘Unlikely’, Says Western Lawyer | UK News

Lawyer for serial killer wife Fred West says he thinks it is “unlikely” that the body of missing Mary Bastholm will be found in Gloucester’s cafe being searched by police.

Leo Goatley told Sky News that West was a “fantasist” who at times confessed to inflate his notoriety, but “he certainly didn’t make a confession about Mary Bastholm.

“I think it’s highly unlikely that she was actually murdered or dismembered at the pop-in cafe.”

A photograph of Fred West released by the police.  Officers have been called to a cafe in Gloucester by a production company filming a documentary, Gloucestershire Police said.  They reported how they found possible evidence suggesting a body may be buried on the property.  The force said in a statement that people had previously linked the building to Mary Bastholm's disappearance.  Mary was 15 when she was reported missing on January 6, 1968 and has never been found.  His disappearance had al
Fred West was one of Britain’s most prolific serial killers

The police were Gloucester Coffee Clean Plate Finder in connection with the disappearance of Ms. Bastholm after being alerted by a film crew who were making a documentary there.

The 15-year-old disappeared from a bus stop in 1968 and her body has never been found. She worked in the cafe.

West, who died in prison in 1995 at the age of 53, was previously suspected of her disappearance.

But while there is doubt about his remains being found in the cafe, a former West’s colleague told Sky News he was “95% certain” that the notorious serial killer murdered the teenager. .

Dennis Tandy-Clayton, 77, worked with West for eight years at a metalwork factory in town and says he remembers the police coming several times in early 1968 to speak to him.

Undated file photo of Mary Bastholm, 15 when she was reported missing on January 6, 1968 and has never been found.  Issue date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021.
Mary Bastholm, who was 15 when she was reported missing on January 6, 1968 and has never been found

“I remember the time this girl went missing and the police came to the factory to talk to her.

“They came over several times. He was always back to work the same day saying ‘they have nothing against me’.

“He was a prolific liar. He said they wanted to talk to him about one fine or another, or he said they wanted to ask him about some evil photos he had.

“I am desperately sorry for the girl’s family. It brought all of his crimes back to life. This is …

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