Estrema Fulminea is hyper-EV 2040bhp with solid state battery Car News

The Italian firm Automobili Estrema has fully unveiled the Fulminea, a fully electric hypercar with a power of 1.5 megawatts, or 2,040 hp.

The brand claims it will be the first car in the world to have a hybrid battery using both solid-state cells and ultra-capacitors, which will power four electric motors. A 0-62mph time of about 2.0 seconds is claimed and Estrema expects the hypercar to send 0-200mph in under 10.0 seconds.

Roberto Olivo, Estrema’s COO, was hesitant to give a top speed figure, but noted that the car would potentially be limited to around 217 mph.

The design of the car was largely inspired by aspects of nature, including the tail lights, which are said to resemble the shape of a peregrine falcon.

“The inspiration was not just in nature, but the symbol that we adopted, which is lightning. “Fulminea” means “lightning fast” in Italian, and the lightning bolt is a symbol of electricity, speed and clean energy, ”Olivo said.

The Fulminea’s battery has a capacity of 100 kWh, resulting in an expected WLTP range of 323 miles, and weighs 300 kg, contributing to a total curb weight of 1,500 kg.

Estrema also claims new levels of fast charging with the Fulminea. “We want to keep the load rate at the highest possible level,” said CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto. “Our goal is 10% to 80% in about 15 minutes.”

The car is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2023 with just 61 units to be produced, at a cost of around £ 2million each. Solid-state batteries are a technology that has yet to be widely deployed in production cars, with major auto companies investing heavily to develop a new approach to electric mobility.


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