Zoe Ball and Eddie Izzard praise De La Warr Pavilion Brighton News

STARS Zoe Ball and Eddie Izzard spoke about the joy of a Sussex venue ahead of a show next week.

Eddie spoke with Zoe from De La Warr Lodge in Bexhill on his BBC breakfast show this morning.

She is due to perform Eddie Izzard 1988-2018 The Remix on location Monday.

Speaking of the new show, Zoe asked, “Are you doing this to Bexhill at the Pavilion?”

De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill

De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill

Eddie said: “Yeah, it’s in the Bexhill pavilion, I just thought if things opened up on Monday… I called them up and said ‘let’s do a charity show for them that day’.

“The tickets sold out in three hours which annoyed some people but I’m sorry there are fewer tickets available due to the lockdown, or even the lockdown restrictions, there are still the two-meter rules. inside buildings

“So it’s great to spend a day at the Pavilion. It’s such a rock and roll place now, everyone from Patti Smith to Elvis Costello has played there, loads of great comedians

“When I was a kid, I worked there.

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

“I worked on the self-serve coffee shop in the 70s, but it was sort of a dying place back then and now it’s a perfect niche place and Sparks is going to play there even though the tour has probably been moved.

“Sparks was playing in all these places, a great indie band, an original indie band from afar, and they were playing in all these big cities like Glasgow and London, then Bexhill on Sea.”

Zoe replied, “Sparks put on some amazing shows, they really do. I feel a little jealous of anyone who can attend this show on Monday.

Zoe ball

Zoe ball

“Your best moments from 1988 to 2018… it’s going to be wonderful”

Doors to Eddie’s 1.5-hour show open at 7:30 p.m.

De La Warr Lodge received an emergency funding program following a decision by Rother Council leaders last year.

Rother District Council Cabinet has agreed to take £ 350,000 from reserves to provide an urgent support package to help the arts center survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pavilion is expected to lose £ 1.1million in revenue in fiscal year 2020/21, mainly due to the lockdown preventing its live events program from continuing.

A spokesperson for the De Le Warr Pavilion said: ‘On day one, theaters in the UK have been open to the public since early December, Eddie will put on a unique show of highlights from his 30-year career in comedy, all the proceeds will go to DLWP. ”

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