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Newcastle man left with £ 4,000 bill after garden resembling ‘dumping ground’ was discovered UK News

These images show how a man left his garden looking like a “dumping ground”.

The rubbish, which has started to attract vermin, was found at a property on Castleside Road in Denton Burn, Newcastle.

Locals filed a complaint with Newcastle City Council and, following an investigation, Jordan Stevens, 26, received a community protection notice.

When he failed to follow the advice and clean up his deed, the board sued him.

On April 30, Stevens was fined £ 500 at Newcastle Magistrates Court. He was also ordered to pay a victim fine surcharge of £ 50, council investigation fees of £ 388, legal fees of £ 85 and a compensation order in favor of the council for £ 3,120 – bearing the total bill at £ 4,143.

Stevens, a private tenant, who pleaded guilty to the waste offense in writing and did not appear in court, admitted he was partly responsible for the condition of the garden, but others had also started dumping trash on the property while working outside. .

It took the contractors two days to remove all the rubbish at a cost of £ 2,600.

Councilor John-Paul Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Regulatory Services, said: “I think anyone who sees the condition of this property will be rightly appalled.

“I’m sorry for the people of Castleside Road who had to look at this garden every day – it looked like a dump.

This waste was left at a property on Castleside Road, Denton Burn, Newcastle.

“I want to thank those who have come forward to report it and all who were involved in the pursuit of this man and the enlightenment after him.

“I hope Mr. Stevens reflects on the significant costs he incurred simply by not looking after his property. It shows when a garden starts to look messy how quickly it can get out of hand.

“Newcastle City Council believes that everyone has the right to live in a decent neighborhood and when people break the law and cause misery for their neighbors, we will not hesitate to sue them.”