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Sir Keir Starmer drops 17 points behind PM in new poll – and a third of Labor voters want him to step down | Political news

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is behind Boris Johnson as Britain’s public favorite by 17 percentage points, according to a new poll.

Sir keir started closing the gap in April, pollsters Opimium said, but in a survey held on May 13-14, he garnered just 23% support as preferred prime minister.

That’s a six-point drop, while Mr Johnson has seen his popularity jump eight points to 40%.

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Starmer ‘up to par’ as Labor leader – Miliband

Only 29% of voters believe Sir Keir looks like a prime minister on hold, including 48% of those who voted Labor in the 2019 general election.

But a third of those Labor voters in 2019 now want Sir Keir to step down as party leader after mixed results in last week’s election – including a previously unthinkable by-election defeat in the traditionally secure Hartlepool seat.

Adam Drummond, head of Opinium political polls, said: “Keir Starmer’s odds have plummeted as Labor voters start to fear that he will not be the one to bring the party back to power.

“The Labor leader has suffered a significant drop across the board over the past two weeks, particularly in being a strong leader, looking like a prime minister on hold and being able to get things done.

“Any opposition would fight a government up to the success of the vaccine rollout and the last time the government approval numbers for the pandemic were so positive, the Conservatives had a 17 point lead.

“However, at least then Labor could take comfort in the fact that their leader was new and making a positive impression.

“The bad position of workers today is the result of factors both beyond their control and of things which should concern them deeply.”

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