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Thunderstorms heading towards Somerset – when we see the rainiest weather Bath City News

Somerset is ready for thunderstorms and heavy showers this weekend.

Rainy weather is already moving across the region today (Saturday May 15), with a number of towns having already experienced downpours during the day.

Video captured in Taunton shows very heavy rains already spraying the town as downpours begin to cover the county.

The weekend should be rainy, Saturday afternoon and Sunday seeing most of the showers and thunder.

The current five-day forecast for the southwest indicates that the showers will turn thunderstorm and heavy on Saturday afternoon.

The forecast for Saturday indicates: “Showers will become generalized for the afternoon with the risk of some heavy and thunderstorms showers.”

As the showers subside in the evening tonight, the Met Office predicts that they will return on Sunday.

The forecast for Sunday says: “Bands of organized showers will move eastward across the region during the day.

“The showers will be heavy, slow and, perhaps, stormy at times. A few sunny spells in between.”

Local forecasts for key Somerset cities indicate that the remaining rain for today will fall between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. with the remainder of the forecast showing gray conditions but not much additional rain.

However, steady rain is forecast for Sunday May 16, with the heaviest episodes expected to fall early in the morning, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., and for a longer period in the afternoon between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Rain is still currently forecast for much of the remainder of the day, but it should be lighter at this time.

The Met Office forecast for Taunton on Sunday May 16 shows heavier rain in the early morning and afternoon (Image: Met Office) The five-day forecast for the southwest


The first rains over northern and eastern counties will disappear this morning with a mixture of showers and sunny waves. The showers will become general for the afternoon with the risk of some strong and thundery showers. Maximum temperature 15 ° C.


The showers are gradually subsiding this evening but a few scattered showers will move into the western and southern parts of the southwest overnight. Minimum temperature 8 ° C.


Organized bands of downpours will move east across the region during the day. The showers will be heavy, slow and sometimes stormy. A few sunny periods in between. Maximum temperature 13 ° C.

Outlook from Monday to Wednesday:

Monday beginning with sunny rains and scattered showers, becoming thunderstorm or containing hail but becoming largely dry overnight. Not set for Tuesday and Wednesday with further showers and sunshine.

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