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Latest UK weather news: Heavy rain and winds forecast as Met Office urges people to tie up garden furniture | UK News

A rainy May is expected to receive even more precipitation, and the risk of high winds has led the Met Office to advise people to tie up their patio furniture.

This month has so far been “wetter than average” for this time of year, with 70mm of rain in the UK in the first 17 days.

The wettest May on record was in 1967, when 131.7mm of rain fell across the country.

Fans who lined up to see a soccer game for the first time this year had to brave the inclement weather
Fans who lined up to see a soccer game for the first time this year had to brave the inclement weather

This week saw heavy downpours, notable in London and the South East, with hailstorms hitting sidewalks yesterday.

Showers are expected to move across the country today – as Thursday could see further deterioration in the weather.

Sky Weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar said: “Most places will have a clear, cool night with again a frost of local grass. However, in the early morning heavy rains and increasingly strong winds will spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, West Wales and South West England.

“Tomorrow will become increasingly unstable for most places as heavy rains and high winds spread to the rest of the UK. The strongest winds appear to be blowing in the south with strong gales or gales in the coastal areas of Wales and southern England.

In addition to heavy rainfall, gusts of wind will hit South Wales and South West England due to the low pressure.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “We expect gusts on the South West and South Wales coasts to reach 60 mph.

“This time of year, with the trees in full leaves, it could potentially knock down small branches and since there is a lot more outdoor furniture, we advise people that it is a bit vulnerable to high winds. and tie it up.

North Wales, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland will experience up to 70mm of rainfall in the coming days.

The meteorologist added that while no weather warning is …

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