Opinion: The Opel Manta Elektromod is the sporty electric vehicle that we can’t have Car News

It’s tantalizing. Opel showed us an electric restomod based on the shapely Manta coupe from half a century ago, and it is also very desirable.

The 1970 was based on the Ascona sedan (think Insignia) and was a major rival to the Ford Capri, particularly in Germany. The Opel was arguably the better car, its 1.9-liter engine less coarse than that of the Capri, its living rear axle less finicky.

But that was then. What we have here is a heavily modified Manta powered by a 145 hp, 188 lb-ft electric motor, making it the most powerful version of the car Opel has yet made. It’s probably not that heavy, being a restomod, so it’ll be quick, but it also appears to be airbag-free, so the little boss on the steering wheel is anything to go by.

All of this means it won’t see production, despite its charmingly updated headlights, an incredibly modern and connected interior, and maintaining the original car’s four-speed gearbox for your choosing pleasure. The report. Another very nice retro benchmark is the matte black hood, the next step beyond the faster scratches 50 years ago. Fortunately, the vinyl roof was left out.

This Manta is enticing not only because it’s a beautifully executed remake of one of the most beautiful affordable coupes in the world. ’70s – and there were a lot of them back then – but because that’s exactly the kind of electric car this particular scribbler would love. I want an EV that is sporty, looks, doesn’t cost the earth, and doesn’t come with a battery the size of a Trafalgar Square statue pedestal.

Right now your electric choices are sedans, SUVs, sedans and for something really sporty but unaffordable, the Porsche Taycan. Which is out of reach for most of us, too big and too generously endowed with doors. As old-fashioned as this body style is now, I want an electric coupe.

And there is an ecological logic to this. Being a 2 + 2, it can be smaller, lighter and less well-equipped in the rear half of its cabin. Being lower and smaller will significantly reduce its aerodynamic frontal area, thus improving battery life. This should not exceed 200 miles, or perhaps less if the ability to add batteries and range is optional. Or better yet, commendable. It could be an exciting commuter car, a shopping car, a car for a short trip, or a car that gets up very early to drive.

It doesn’t have to be a restaurant, although referring to the 1970 Manta would be good, but it should be affordable, good fun to drive (a choice of gears would indeed be good, please. ) and attractive. Considering the current crop of electric vehicles (there are obvious exceptions, of course), that wouldn’t be difficult.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-18 23:01:23