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UK ‘has no clear plan’ to phase out petrol and diesel cars as charging stations remain a postcode lottery | UK News

The government does not have a “clear plan” to match its strategy to phase out gasoline and diesel cars, according to a report by the Public Accounts Committee.

As part of its net zero strategy to tackle climate change, sales of new gasoline and diesel cars will end in 2030. All new cars will be zero-emission at the tailpipe (the tail end of the tailpipe). ‘exhaust), from 2035.

But replacing them with electric vehicles will be a “huge challenge,” the House of Commons committee said.

London has the largest network of charging stations
London has the largest network of charging stations

Meanwhile, there remains a postcode lottery in terms of the existing spread of charging stations for electric vehicles, according to a study shared with Sky News by the Transport & Environment (T&E) campaign group.

It says London has the most extensive network, with areas such as Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Wandsworth already having enough chargers to meet the charging needs of electric cars that should be on the road from here. 2025.

But the east and south-west of England currently only have 18% of the chargers estimated to be needed by 2025, according to the T&E study.

The worst performing local authority areas – including the Forest of Dean, Stockport, Swindon, Brentwood and Fenland – currently have less than 5% of the charging facilities needed by 2025.

T&E, which campaigns on the environmental impact of transportation, said there are currently enough charging points for the amount of electric vehicles on the road, but they are not evenly distributed.

He also said the critical point will be 2025, when the number of charging points will need to be increased quickly to reflect the number of EVs he plans to drive.

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Greg Archer, UK Director of T&E, said: “The electric vehicle charging network is much better than people perceive, but the coverage is …

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