Brighton and Hove Buses in the Conway Street garage plan Brighton News

BUS business leaders have submitted plans for a new office and garage in Hove.

Brighton and Hove Buses are looking to redevelop their office and garage building at Conway Street, Hove, on the west corner of Fonthill Road.

In documents submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council, the company said it wanted to replace obsolete office buildings and replace them with a new ‘high quality’ building, improving the area.

The bus company said it needed to redevelop the site now rather than wait for a larger redevelopment of the area.

Last year, the council granted planning permission for 200 apartments under a program known as Hove Gardens.

The developer behind the Hove Gardens project has already demolished the old warehouses between the east end of Conway Street and Ellen Street.

The request from Brighton and Hove Buses parent company, Go Ahead Group, said the proposals had been crafted taking into account “the aspirations of the larger master plan” for the region.

The request said: “The proposal should be supported as it can clearly be included in the definition of sustainability, being located close to Hove station and being for the public bus provider to Brighton and Hove.

“The social need for development has been identified and this would create jobs which also contribute to economic sustainability.”

The designs include artwork on a community wall and a green fence.

The planning app can be found on the council’s website at by searching for BH2021 / 01731.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-20 23:01:00