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COVID-19: ‘Clusters’ Across Country as Number of Indian Variants Rises to 3,424 | UK News

There are now 3,424 cases of the Indian variant in the UK, according to the latest figures from Public Health England (PHE).

The worrying variant B.1.617.2, believed to be more transmissible than the Kent variant which has become dominant in the country, has resulted in surge testing and vaccinations in many areas.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Wednesday that 2,967 cases of COVID-19[female[feminine variant had been recorded, having risen to more than 2,300 on Monday.

These latest figures are from May 19 and represent an increase of 2,111 from the previous week.

A total of 3,245 cases have been recorded in England, 136 in Scotland, 28 in Wales and 15 in Northern Ireland.

PHE said most cases are concentrated in the North West and London, but it was seeing “clusters of cases” across the country.

Dr Meera Chand, COVID-19 incident director at PHE, said it was vital that people in worst-affected areas who had not yet received their second dose of the vaccine show up as soon as it has been offered. .

“This is vitally important in light of our current assessment that (B1617.2) has grown rapidly in England and may be highly transmissible,” she said.

“PHE will continue to closely monitor all variants, paying particular attention to the impact on hospitalizations and deaths, which will help us understand the protective effects of the vaccine.”

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