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Interview with Princess Diana: Investigation into how the BBC landed an explosive interview is expected to be released today | UK News

A report on how the BBC and journalist Martin Bashir landed the famous Princess Diana interview is expected to be released today.

The explosive interview – in which the princess said there were “three of us in this marriage” – came under scrutiny after Bashir faked fake bank statements he allegedly had. used to access Diane.

Lord Dyson has spearheaded the investigation, which will examine whether the actions taken by Bashir and the BBC were appropriate and to what extent those actions influenced Diana’s decision to participate in the interview.

The princess’ brother Earl Spencer alleged that Bashir showed him the false financial documents relating to Diana’s former private secretary, Patrick Jephson, and another former member of the royal family.

Earl Spencer stands outside Althorp, the family home near Northampton
Earl Spencer alleged he was shown false financial documents

He also said the reporter told far-fetched and false stories about the royal family to involve Diana, including that she was being spied on by the Secret Service.

Bashir was first introduced to Diana by Earl Spencer and sources close to the princess told Sky News that without a presentation from her brother Diana would never have met the BBC reporter.

Documents seen by Sky News show that Tony Hall, then managing director of news and current affairs and later managing director of the BBC, knew that Bashir had faked a bank statement using “information he had obtained from the highest level and turned it into a graph”.

A newspaper from the press office also revealed that when a reporter asked if Bashir had been officially sanctioned, they were told no.

Many reporters had asked the BBC about how Bashir got the interview and the techniques he used, both before it aired and five months later when a whistleblower informed the Mail on Sunday of the bogus bank statement.

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