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BBC QT: Angry public rages on Nadhim Zahawi over India variant – ‘No direction! ” | UK | New UK News

Nadhim Zahawi, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment, accused of failing to close the border to travelers from India. Speaking on the show, Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labor’s shadow secretary on the inside, said that one of the biggest threats to the vaccine rollout in the UK and the return of our freedoms daily lies in the variants coming from abroad.

In a short debate, Mr Zahawi said India was placed on the red list on April 23 – days before virologists said the variant was under investigation or classified as ‘of concern’ .

However, it was pointed out that an Indian variant had been discovered weeks before this date.

An angry member of the public criticized Nadhim Zahawi, wondering if the government had failed in not closing India’s borders when it had the chance.

The audience member said, “As of April 9, the cases in India were 90,000 per day. It has been reported in all media and quite frankly [you] you don’t have to be a minister or a virologist to determine there’s a problem here.

“I feel like I’m at Groundhog Day. Why do we have Brazilian, South African, Indian variants in our country?

“Our government is like a hesitant driver at a roundabout. You don’t know if you are going or if you are going or in which direction you are going to go around.

“But one thing is clear. How many lives will it cost? You are doing tests all over the country, there are cases in 117 regions of the country.

“You seem to be pulling from the hip and have absolutely no direction. I don’t trust you.

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The questions follow confusion over what an amber light means for travelers in the government’s new system.

Under current rules, entry to the UK from Red List countries is only allowed for UK nationals – or those who reside and need to quarantine in a hotel.

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