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COVID-19: R number range increases slightly in England to 0.9-1.1 | UK News

England’s R-number range has increased slightly from 0.8-1.1 to 0.9-1.1, according to the latest figures.

The nationwide growth rate is estimated to be between -2% and +1 – a slight increase -3% to 1% from last week.

the coronavirus The R (reproduction) number represents the extent to which the epidemic is increasing or decreasing.

The latest figures from the government advisory body SAGE mean that on average every 10 people infected with COVID-19[female[feminine will continue to infect between 9 and 11 others.

They also suggest that the number of new cases is fairly stable – decreasing by up to 2% each day or increasing by a maximum of 1%.

Today’s figures represent the situation from two to three weeks ago, due to the delay in infection, the onset of symptoms and the need for health care.

Separate data released on Friday suggests the number of people testing positive for the virus in England is showing “the first signs of a potential increase.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that about one in 1,110 people in private households had COVID-19 in the week leading up to May 15 – compared to one in 1,340 the week before.

They said the overall number of cases remains relatively low, despite the rapid spread of the Indian variant.

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