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The 129bhp model we tried was a GT Line trim, near the top of the 2008 scale and quite chic on the inside, with funky faux leather and contrast stitching, with silver plastics used sparingly for that you can almost be convinced that they are chrome. .

The passenger space is reasonable if not quite exceptional. You should be able to accommodate four adults in 2008 without trying too hard, and I doubt those in the back will feel like they’ve pulled straws short – provided you keep the trips short. There’s a 360-liter cargo bay which Peugeot says is a very powerful cargo space for the class, although it has clearly overlooked the Ford Puma, which holds 456 liters, although you ignore its surprisingly useful Megabox. of 80 liters secreted under the floor of the trunk.

At this level of trim, the 2008 gets a large central touchscreen that’s nice to look at but sometimes tedious and slow to use – the temperature control functions, at least, should be separated from it and replaced with more conventional buttons. And there’s a new, more sophisticated 3D version of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit dashboard, which as usual includes a small steering wheel that will likely obscure part of the screen, unless you set it very low. and that you give yourself a low, go karty driving position.

The instrument pack now has several distinct layers, with a speedo, for example, reflected onto a screen from below – much like a heads-up display, just in the instrument’s usual position. The idea is that, thanks to a searchlight and various mirrors, the instruments are actually further from your eyes than regular dials, reducing the time you need to refocus from the road. I can’t say we’ve noticed a difference, but the customizable display is particularly appealing.

The mechanical layout is simple. CMP is a steel monocoque with MacPherson struts in the front and a torsion beam in the rear. The combustion engines are placed transversely at the front and drive the front wheels (same goes for the electric motor of the BEV), and although this is a crossover, there is no 4WD option. This is the case with small crossovers / SUVs that you don’t even ask about four-wheel drive these days. That said, the 2008 is available with the company’s new Grip Control ride mode system that works in combination with all-season mud and snow tires to deliver surprising off-road capabilities.

We spent most of the time in the 129bhp gasoline powered GT with a six-speed manual (127 g / km, 45.2-52.6 mpg, 29% in-kind benefit tax and 26 £ 515), but also a bit in the more powerful 153bhp automatic (140g / km, 41.7-46.6mpg, 32% BiK and only available as a ‘GT Premium’ version only, at £ 30,665). Either way, the 1.2-liter engine is quiet, only making a thud when you’re working hard. Some of the TFT dashboard display options don’t include a tachometer, but you hardly miss it, even with a manual, as the torque is widely distributed. Both transmissions are easy going, the manual much more than usual at Peugeot. Perhaps this is the result of the experience gained from the relationship with Vauxhall / Opel, who traditionally provide better shifting action to their cars and have therefore become the group’s expert shift advisers. manual speed. Now there is only a small notch where the lever moves in each gear, and easy action when it gets home. The eight-speed automobile, on the other hand, is smooth and hassle-free.

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