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As its old models from the General Motors era were replaced by new PSA-related cars, Vauxhall had no choice but to accept a fairly large change in its various cars over the past few years. And with our test subject this week, he positively adopts it.

The second-gen Mokka may still be a compact crossover sedan, but it’s such a different take on the car it replaces that you wonder if Mokka owners will even recognize it. In case they didn’t, Vauxhall wrote the model name in large capital letters, Porsche style, on the trunk lid.

The old Mokka – a sort of high-roof, big-frame car in what some call the B-SUV niche – was a surprise sales success in Europe, achieving more than half a million combined sales for them. Opel and Vauxhall brands. well before his fourth birthday. Over its total lifespan, over 200,000 homes have found their home in the UK. But will those same buyers react to a car that has been so modified and reinvented? One that’s smaller, lower, and lighter than its bulky predecessor – and much bolder and more style-oriented.

We’re certainly not used to Vauxhalls having so much of a visual ‘wow’ factor – and that can’t hurt the sales prospects of a car that may need to win over as many customers as it retains. finally. Vauxhall has also raised its usual standard for styling volume for the interior, as we’ll explain in due course.

It’s clearly meant to make a statement: to flex some atrophied design muscles and invite people to consider a Vauxhall that maybe never would have done before.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-21 07:01:24