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UK Weather News: First weekend of outdoor gatherings set to stay chilly as better weather on the horizon | UK News

The first weekend of outdoor gatherings will remain unusually cold, although there will be some respite from the heavy rains and wind.

This weekend marks the first Saturday and Sunday large groups of people can meet outside In England.

Stormy weather during the work week will give way to some showers and sunlight on Saturday.

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Saturday weather forecast

Sunday will start well, but as the day progresses, the wind and rain set in.

But either way, picnic time is still tough, temperatures are expected to stay in single digits throughout the weekend.

Sky Weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar said: “Saturday will be a drier and calmer day. However, there will be a few scattered showers, mostly in coastal areas, although they tend to subside over the course of the day. of the day, just like the winds.

“Sunday will start well, but clouds and rain will spread eastward throughout the day, followed by heavy showers over the south-west of UK and Ireland. It will also become windy, with a risk of a coastal gale in the south. “

May was cold and wet across most of the country with the southwest particularly prone to downpours.

Wales and Devon face record rainfall figures for this month, although the rest of May is expected to be lighter than the first half.

And in the north of Scotland, it won’t be like summer, with frosts expected on Saturday and Sunday.

However, as next week approaches, the weather may be better suited to take advantage of the new freedoms.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: “We want to see things calm down from the middle of next week, especially in the south.

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