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SNP MP dubbed BBC ‘sneaky and reluctant’ in Scotland’s Eurovision bid | UK | New UK News

Britain was humiliated over the weekend when British candidate James Newman received no points from either national juries or the public – meaning he came last in the competition. While this isn’t the first time the UK has found itself at the bottom of the Eurovision Song Contest, the show remains hugely popular with UK audiences. Statistics revealed that 7.4 million watched the competition on BBC One, while the audience reached 8.4 million – and at one point, had an audience share of 48.5%.

SNP MP for Stirling Alyn Smith blamed Britain’s lack of success in the talent competition in the way the BBC presents the program.

Speaking in 2018, when he was an MEP, he told the Sunday Herald: “It’s a bit sarcastic and reluctant at the way the BBC does it.”

He may have been referring to the cynical commentary that was first introduced by late presenter Terry Wogan – he provided the voiceover for the UK show, still shared on BBC One, until 2009.

He was then replaced by fellow presenter Graham Norton, who also infuses a bit of humor into his commentary when presenting each country’s act.

However, Mr Smith explained how Eurovision is a missed opportunity.

He said: “It’s a showcase and a stage we could shine on when the way the BBC always does is, ‘it’s a bit of camp nonsense and it’s rubbish, and that. is great because it’s garbage, and it’s great because it’s camp. “

He continued: “There is a reluctance on the part of serious artists to say that they would opt for Eurovision because of the way it is done in the UK, while in the rest of the EU, it’s a big concert, a big showcase.

He also called for a system of rotation in the UK, meaning that each home country would have the opportunity to nominate a candidate for Eurovision every four years.

A similar system is already in place for international sports competitions, when Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales enter separately.

He then presented the plan to the European Broadcasting Union, the producers of Eurovision – of which the BBC is a part.

Although the first independence referendum saw the majority of Scots vote to stay in the UK, the EU referendum saw Scottish public support stay in the bloc instead of leaving.

The SNP has since renewed its call for an independent Scotland to become a member of the European Union after Brexit.

Many have also blamed Brexit for the UK’s poor performance at Eurovision this year.

Another SNP member then faced backlash after saying Scotland ‘hated the UK too’ in response to the vote.

Cllr Rhiannon Spear, SNP National Women’s Officer, wrote on Twitter: “It’s ok Europe, we hate the UK too.

“Love, Scotland. #Eurovision “

The Scottish Tories fought back and claimed this was yet another example of the party’s ‘toxic obsession with division’.

Cllr Spear then apologized for the tweet and said in a statement: “I have now deleted this tweet about UK Eurovision Song Contest results and I apologize for any infringement caused.”

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