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Calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be investigated for “failure to declare support for legal costs” | Political news

Jeremy Corbyn could be investigated as to whether he violated MPs’ code of conduct by failing to report financial and “in-kind” support for legal disputes.

Labor MP Neil Coyle, critic of Mr Corbyn, wrote to Parliament’s Standards Commissioner saying Mr Corbyn may not have declared the support he received to cover legal costs, mainly in this which concerns the fallout from allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labor Party.

Mr Coyle said: “All MPs are expected to follow certain rules and some people seem to think they are above it.

“We expect it from Boris Johnson with apartment renovations, childcare and overseas vacations. But we can’t attack the Tories if we don’t act the same when someone who seeks to become a Labor MP receives financial support and significant contributions, and does not declare it. “

In response, Jeremy Corbyn told Sky News: “I will be liaising with the Commissioner in response to Neil Coyle’s correspondence.”

In January, Mr Corbyn lost a court battle to force Labor to hand over documents relating to his suspension from the parliamentary party. It is understood that Labor intends to recover its costs from Mr. Corbyn.

In March, the former Labor leader lost an appeal against a High Court ruling in a libel fight brought by a political blogger.

Mr Corbyn’s register of interests states that he is “likely to benefit from a legal fund managed by JBC Defense Ltd which was established on October 16, 2020 to help cover legal costs that my supporters or I we incur because of allegations of defamation “. It is not known who contributed to this fund.

Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labor Party in October after his response to a report critical of anti-Semitism within the party.

He said the scale of Labor’s anti-Semitism problem was “dramatically overestimated” by opponents.

Mr Corbyn’s membership was restored in a matter of weeks, but the Labor whip was not reinstated, meaning he is not a Member of Parliament …

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