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COVID-19: Boris Johnson’s review of social distancing rules set to be delayed by Indian variant | Political news

The public will likely have to wait longer for the details of the government’s review of social distancing rules and its COVID certification proposals due to growing cases of the Indian variant.

Downing Street reported Boris Johnson would wait longer to unveil the plans, although the Prime Minister has had previously promised to provide details by the end of the month.

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Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson said on Monday that the revised social distancing rules will be released “as soon as possible based on the latest data, which will help us educate ourselves on what action we can take around certification. “.

Asked to explain a delay from the Prime Minister’s original timeline, the spokesperson added: “I think it is reasonable for a new variant like this and the need to collect as much data as possible to inform our decisions.

“It is only fair to take the time to obtain this information before making these final decisions.”

The spokesperson also said that the results of a review of COVID-19[female[feminine certification in national contexts – dubbed “COVID passports” – would be issued “as soon as possible”, but without a fixed date.

Both the revision of the social distancing rules and the work on the possible use coronavirus certification is expected to be completed in the fourth and final step of the prime minister’s roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions, which is slated for June 21.

Despite the growing cases of the Indian variant, the government has been optimistic about the prospects for the final unlock next month.

The four stages of lifting the lockdown in England
The four stages of lifting the lockdown in England

A decision is expected to be announced on June 14 as to whether England will advance to stage four on the roadmap.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister predicted that the “one meter plus” rule for social distancing could be removed in Step Four.

“When it comes to social distancing from June 21, I look at the …

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