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Max Mosley: Former Formula 1 boss and privacy activist dies at 81 | UK News

Former Formula 1 boss and privacy activist Max Mosley has died of cancer at the age of 81.

Former F1 general manager Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed the news, claiming he passed away on Sunday.

“He was like family to me,” Mr. Ecclestone said. “We were like brothers. I’m happy in a way because he suffered too long.”

Bernie Ecclestone & Max Mosley at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2005. Pic: Alan Davidson / Shutterstock
Bernie Ecclestone and M. Mosley pictured at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2005. Pic: Alan Davidson / Shutterstock
(Left to right) Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Max Mosley testify before the Joint Privacy and Injunctions Committee at Portcullis House, London.
Mr Mosley (right) testified on privacy alongside Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant

In addition to his years serving as one of the world’s leading motorsport figures, Mr. Mosley was also known for his campaign efforts to strengthen press regulations.

He took the News Of The World to court in 2008 after the newspaper published allegations about his privacy, successfully suing his editor after falsely reporting he attended a Nazi-themed sex party .

In 2011, the newspaper was shut down by owner Rupert Murdoch after it was revealed that he had intercepted voicemail messages from celebrities, crime victims and royals, and Mr Mosley subsequently provided financial support to the plaintiffs court costs in a newspaper phone. hacking case.

Born in London on April 13, 1940, Mr. Mosley was the youngest son of the British fascist leader of the 1930s, Sir Oswald Mosley.

Trained in Oxford, he was a racing driver, team owner and lawyer before becoming president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body of …

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