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Birmingham Clean Air Zone Driver Fees Delay Two Weeks Due to ‘Phased Launch’ UK News

The charges for Birmingham’s new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) have been delayed for two weeks.

The council announced that drivers of non-compliant vehicles heading into the city would not have to pay the daily rate until June 14 as part of a “soft launch.”

The CAZ program was supposed to enter into force for the first time in Birmingham in 2020, but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Smoke released by Birmingham Library to represent oxides of nitrogen saved by CAZ
Smoke released by Birmingham Library to represent oxides of nitrogen saved by CAZ every 10 seconds

Cars, taxis and vans that do not meet CAZ requirements will have to pay £ 8 per day, with the zone in effect 24 hours a day, year round.

It covers the area inside the A4540 ring road – the area being monitored by cameras, much like the London congestion charge.

Drivers of larger vehicles that do not meet the requirements, such as some coaches, buses and heavy goods vehicles, have to pay £ 50 per day.

A ZAC is already in force in Bristol and the Very Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) of London operates on a similar principle.

Addressing the delay, Waseem Zaffar, a member of the Birmingham City Council cabinet responsible for transport and the environment, said: ‘Although we have agreed to a two week phased launch period where people will not have not to pay, I encourage everyone to use this time to check their vehicles, familiarize themselves with the charging process and consult the support which is always available on the Brum Breathes website. “

However, the actions of the Labor-led council have come under close scrutiny by Tory MPs who represent the region.

Tory MP Gary Sambrook, who represents Birmingham Northfield, said: “Thank goodness this batch doesn’t control a brewery … beggars believe Labor’s flagship Birmingham policy stumbles on launch day.”

And Nicola Richards, Tory MP for West Bromwich East – outside CAZ, said: “While reducing air pollution is essential, requiring residents to travel to the city …

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