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COVID-19: New £ 1bn bailout deal for Transport for London – but dispute hangs over driverless trains | Political news

The government has struck a new £ 1billion bailout deal for London’s transport network – but a row hangs over future revenue demands and the introduction of driverless underground trains.

A third emergency funding deal for Transport for London (TfL) during the COVID crisis will provide around £ 1.08 billion until December 11 to keep the capital’s buses, trains and tubes in service.

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused passenger numbers to collapse and forced TfL to rely on government funding – with ministers imposing a number of conditions in exchange for the money.

Union leaders have warned of a possible strike in response to the “shameful” deal announced on Tuesday as they pledged to fight the new bailout terms.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan visits Nine Elms station on the Northern Line extension to see the ticket office and platforms as work is completed in South London on the new underground line due to open in the fall this year.  Photo date: Friday, May 21, 2021.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the new deal as ‘yet another sticky plaster’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the new deal as “yet another sticky plaster”, while pushing back some of the conditions included in the deal and warning against “further draconian measures” being imposed on TfL.

He previously blamed a hike in fares for travel through the capital on the terms of government funding.

Under the third bailout deal, which will bring government funding to more than £ 4 billion since April last year, the Transport Department and Mr Khan have agreed to:

• Find £ 300 million in savings or new sources of income in 2021/22

• Identify new or increased sources of revenue for TfL between £ 500 million and £ 1 billion each year from 2023

• Review the TfL pension plan

• Work towards the implementation of higher levels of automatic train operation in the London Underground.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the new funding program “will support London and its transport network during the pandemic and ensure it is a modern, efficient and viable network for …

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