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Jasmine Hartin: Great Conservative Lord Ashcroft’s Daughter-in-Law Taken to Jail After Police Officer Killed in Belize | World news

The daughter-in-law of the great Tory Lord Ashcroft has been taken from her police cell and transferred to a Belizean prison.

Jasmine Hartin, the partner of Michael Ashcroft’s son Andrew has been charged with negligent manslaughter after a police commissioner was shot dead in Belize.

On Monday, the 32-year-old was unexpectedly denied bail and announced she would be remanded in custody.

Dressed in a red hoodie and black mask, she was handcuffed and escorted from the police station in San Pedro, on one of the country’s islands and where she has been held since Friday, and back of a golf cart.

Jasmine Hartin is in police custody.  Photo: AP / 7 Belize News
The 32-year-old man was taken from Pedro police station to the mainland. Photo: AP / 7 Belize News

Hartin was transferred to a boat, which landed at Barracks Dock in Belize City, before being whisked away in a blue police van on a 30-minute drive to the country’s central prison.

She arrived there around 4:30 p.m. local time, according to the Daily Mail.

Hartin’s lawyers were urgently asking for a Supreme Court hearing to release her before she reached the facility – which is believed to house 1,150 inmates.

They were unable to overturn the ruling of a local magistrate, who said the mother-of-two was too likely to steal to be free, the Daily Mail reported.

Jasmine Hartin is Lord Ashcroft's daughter-in-law.  Pic: Alaia Belize / YouTube
Jasmine Hartin is Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law. Pic: Alaia Belize / YouTube

Lawyer Godfrey Smith told reporters: “The charge is manslaughter by negligence.

“Bail has been denied. We are appealing to the Supreme Court, as is normal.”

Mr Smith said Hartin’s attorneys would make a statement on Tuesday.

Hartin was found on a dock near where the body of Superintendent Henry Jemmott, 42, was found in the town of San Pedro early Friday.

The pier where the body of Henry Jemmott was found.  Photo: AP / 7 Belize News
The pier where the body of Henry Jemmott was found. Photo: AP / 7 Belize News

Police Commissioner Chester C Williams said …

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