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Penny Bell Murder: Daughter Seeks Help 30 Years After Unsolved Murder | UK News

For 30 years, the murder of successful businesswoman and mother Penny Bell has not been elucidated – her killer stabbed her more than 50 times in broad daylight before disappearing without a trace.

Now, three decades later, her daughter Lauren Bell is begging anyone with the information to unlock the puzzle and free her family from the sadness of not knowing who committed the murder, or why.

“Our mom loved life. She was very positive and loved people,” Lauren told the Sky News Daily podcast.

“I would ask anyone to just help us in this situation, because not only does it free us from this kind of vortex of frustration and soul-destroying pain… it also brings a really bad person off the streets.”

Penny bell
Penny Bell was murdered in 1991

With no known enemy and her happy outlook on life, Penny seemed like one of the last people you would imagine to be the victim of such a crime. His murder therefore remains one of the UK’s most mysterious unsolved crimes.

On the morning of Thursday 6 June 1991, everything seemed normal at Penny Bell’s home in Denham, Buckinghamshire, which she shared with her two children and her husband.

She told the builders working on the house that she had an appointment and drove off in her pale blue Jaguar XJS. This was the last positive observation from her.

Penny was found dead in her Jaguar XJS

At around noon, police were called to Gurnell Grove swimming pool in Greenford, west London.

His body was slumped in the driver’s seat of his car, covered in blood.

She had been stabbed several times in a frenzied attack.

Her purse was open behind the front passenger seat and still contained all of Penny’s personal effects with nothing, apparently, being stolen. There was no evidence of sexual assault.

The area would have been busy, with around 300 people using the recreation facilities or parking lot that morning.

Lauren can’t …

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