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Youth football league “penalizes” players for shouting “man on”, says Quentin Letts | United Kingdom | New UK News

Quentin Letts has claimed that in the Anonymous League, referees award a free kick to the opposing team if a player shouts the gender-specific term. Instead, he said they had to shout the gender-neutral term “person out”.

The author of the Times Parliamentary skit tweeted: “A friend’s son, 10, plays in a Herefordshire men’s football league.

“If someone shouts ‘We!’ the referee whistles and gives a free kick.

“They are told they have to say ‘no one over’.”

It is unclear which youth league Mr Letts, who lives in Herefordshire, was referring to.

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One person wrote: “Of course all the boys (and actually girls) could all just walk off the field when that kind of guffy starts, and say ‘f ** k this for a game of marbles, let’s all ride our bikes instead ”.

“There will not be much championship left if no child wants to play in protest …”

Another said: “Why is it important if the expression ‘man on’ is used.

“You identify a player who is approaching you quickly.

“No one sur has the same sound and (has) more syllables.

“The girl could function, not so easily by the ear (alliteration) and now you make the decision to identify each person by gender.”

While others have questioned the veracity of his claims.

One user commented, “That’s not true, is it.

“I’ve never seen him once at one of our youth games in the South London & District League or the Surrey & Kent Mini Cups.”

Comedy writer James Felton joked, “Quentin, couldn’t you just imaginatively change the rules in your head rather than mess with your imaginary children’s football problems.”

And a third joked, “Lots of skeptical responses here, but my son’s Under 12 league banned VAR because some moms complained about children’s sensory overload!”

“The game is gone.” has contacted Mr Letts for comment and more details on his claims.

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