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Heartache after car crashed into Durham barbershop and beauty salon for the second time UK News

The storefront of a hair and beauty salon in County Durham was completely destroyed after a car hit it for the second time.

Emergency services were called to Glam Hair and Beauty on Seaside Lane in Easington Colliery at 12 p.m. Sunday afternoon (May 30) after reports of a collision with a vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers and firefighters found a BMW recessed in the front of the salon causing structural damage.

Emergency services were called to Glam Hair and Beauty after a car crashed outside the store
Emergency services were called to Glam Hair and Beauty after a car crashed outside the store

But unfortunately for salon owner Lisa Tuner, this isn’t the first time this has happened as another car crashed into the glass facade following a collision with three vehicles in September 2016.

Sam Ellison, stylist at Glam Hair and Beauty, said he was lucky no one was in the salon at the time because someone “could have been killed.”

She said: “We’ve all been on leave for a good part of the year with no stable income, then we get back to work, we finally get back on our feet, money in our banks and someone has moved on. the front of the store.

“They crashed into it and we had to shut the shop down for a few days while we got it back up and running, but the shop is open now, we are working in the back, so hopefully it will be open again and corrected in a few weeks.

“The entire front of our store will need to be replaced and our insurance will take care of it.

“It’s lucky that the show is actually closed this Sunday because we’ve been working since the reopening on some Sundays, so it’s lucky that no one is there because someone could have been killed.”

A statement on the show’s Facebook page also said everyone was “absolutely heartbroken” and “devastated” but insisted they would come out “bigger, better and stronger.”

Lisa Turner, owner of Glam Hair and Beauty in Easington
Lisa Turner owner of glam hair and beauty in the village of Easington, Peterlee

At the time of the first incident in 2016, salon owner Lisa Turner said she was “terrified” when she saw the vehicle hit the window and almost hit a child.

She said at the time: “A little girl walked into the living room with her mother and sat by the window coloring. But we moved her and sat her on the beauty salon for a few seconds. only before the car enters the store.

“If we hadn’t moved her when we did, that might have been a different story. She might have been seriously injured.

“There were about 16 clients and 10 staff working at the time of the accident. It was shocking, we were blown away. It was really, really lucky that no one was injured.

“We were terrified, you don’t expect a car to hit the store when you are working.”

Teams from County Durham and the Darlington Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene on Sunday alongside Durham Police officers.

A spokesperson for the Peterlee Fire Station said: “Crews witnessed a traffic accident on Seaside Lane Easington.

“Fortunately, no one was injured and the crews secured the vehicle.”

Police said the driver and passenger abandoned the vehicle and fled from the scene and are now calling on anyone with information to come forward.

Sam Ellison, Stylist at Glam Hair and Beauty in Easington
Sam Ellison stylist at glam hair and beauty in the village of Easington, Peterlee

A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said: “Police were called to report a collision with a vehicle in Easington Colliery shortly before noon Sunday afternoon (May 30).

“The vehicle, a BMW, is believed to have crashed outside a store on Seaside Lane, causing structural damage.

“The driver and passenger both abandoned the vehicle and fled from the scene.

“The investigations are now underway.

“Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 222 of May 30.”

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