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YesYou can smell it in the air; the sweaty, frizzy and thunderstorm-inducing climate that signals a heat wave. Prepare your fans and discover your factor 50.

While the heatwave brings with it a plethora of daily challenges – what to wear, how to exercise, how to keep your meticulously pruned garden alive – our concern is what exactly we eat in the middle of a heatwave. While many of us prefer to spend as much time as possible lingering in front of the open refrigerator door, finding something to cook inside is far too daunting a task.

As Diana Henry, food editor for The Telegraph, writes, “It’s the kind of day that makes me want to drop ice cubes on my bra and suck on limes dipped in salt.” Nutrition simply takes a back seat.

The importance of hydration goes without saying. Drinking plenty of water (no, a cold beer doesn’t count) is crucial. Chilled watermelon slices make the perfect snack – in the United States, watermelon is often sold with a sprinkle of Mexican Tajin seasoning, an addicting blend of chili, spices and lime. Instead, try garnishing the watermelon slices with a pinch of chili powder, lime juice and salt.

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