Fiat to become an all-electric global brand by 2030 Car News

Italian automaker Fiat has pledged to become an all-electric brand by 2030, pledging to phase out all combustion engine models from its global lineup from 2025.

The company recently launched a new all-electric version of its hugely popular 500 city car, which will be sold alongside the existing combustion-engined 500. The company said it wants to improve access to electric cars, lower the barrier to entry, including improving charging infrastructure and helping to improve air quality.

“Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will gradually become electric only. It will be a radical change for Fiat, ”said Olivier François, Fiat boss.

“The decision to launch the new 500 – electric and electric only – was actually made before Covid-19. Even then, we were already aware that the world could no longer accept compromises. We were reminded of the urgency to act, to do something for planet Earth.

Fiat is the latest brand to commit to fully or fully electrify its fleet in the wake of increasingly severe legislation. Several countries, including the UK, have already pledged to ban the sale of virtually all new non-zero emission cars from 2030, but Fiat’s pledge to only go electric then will apply. in countries where ICE sales are still permitted.

This decision is part of Fiat’s increased interest in city cars, in particular thanks to the popularity of the 500. It also sets the brand apart from other consumer brands in the Stellantis group, such as Vauxhall and Citroën.

Fiat did not give any details on its plans for future electric vehicles beyond the new 500. In 2019, it unveiled the Centoventi Concept EV, which effectively provided for a next-generation Fiat Panda. While this car is likely to use the small Fiat-developed platform that underpins the new 500, it is likely that the company will also develop electric vehicles on Stellantis’ STLA platform, which is used by the Peugeot e208 and the Vauxhall Corsa-e.

The Turin-based company said it will aim to improve the availability of charging stations for communities that do not have regular access to them, such as those in apartments, and will seek to increase the number of fast-charging points.

Fiat has confirmed its switch to a brand reserved for electric vehicles while announcing a new partnership with architect Stephano Boeri to rethink urban environments in the era of electric vehicles. The partnership will result in the conversion of the roof of the Lingotto factory in Turin into 28,000 factories, with the aim of improving air quality.


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