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Murder of Dalian Atkinson: Police “Never Trained” to Restrain Head with Foot, Officer Trial Says | UK News

The trial of an officer charged with the murder of Dalian Atkinson has been heard by a retired police trainer who said he “would never train” his colleagues to use a foot to restrain a person’s head. ground.

Jurors had previously learned that PC Benjamin Monk was seen by colleagues putting his boot on ex-footballer Mr Atkinson’s head as he lay on the ground after receiving a Taser.

Monk, who denies the murder and manslaughter, used unlawful and unreasonable force in a 33-second shot from his Taser, and kicked the former Aston Villa star, 48, twice. years at the head, according to prosecutors.

Dalian Atkinson
Dalian Atkinson died in hospital after August 2016 incident

Mr Atkinson, who was then handcuffed near his father’s home in Telford, Shropshire, early August 15, 2016, later died in hospital.

On the charge that Monk, 43, had put his foot on Mr Atkinson’s head, former police trainer Ian Mills was questioned by Monk’s attorney, Patrick Gibbs QC: “Have you ever seen does this trained to be an officer as something they should be doing? “

He replied, “Pin the head, yes – but not with the foot.”

Mr. Mills, testifying for the defense, said that an officer could instead use his “hands” or “shin”, “to prevent injury and to restrain someone – if someone is self-injuring, bangs the head against the ground, during extractions it is common to keep the head on the ground. “

Mr. Gibbs then asked, “What about (holding the head) with the foot?”

Mr Mills, who was 28 years old in the police force, replied: “I never trained him, I would never train him and I never saw him.”

Mr. Mills was also asked if he had ever trained officers to “kick the head”?

He replied at Birmingham Crown Court: “No. The reasons are really twofold.

“If they’re both standing, it would take a lot of practice, practice, and martial arts skills to kick a standing subject while you are standing.

“If the subject is on the ground, pretty much anyone …

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