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‘Stunned’ Officer Usman Khan Continues To Advance After Being Shot Down In The Attack On London Bridge | UK News

A senior police officer was “flabbergasted” that the Fishmongers’ Hall killer was still moving 10 minutes after being shot, he said during an investigation.

Investigation into the shooting revealed that six different gun officers fired a total of 20 rounds at Usman Khan in 10 minutes.

Khan stabbed Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, employees of a Cambridge University prisoner rehabilitation project during an event at Fishmongers’ Hall, before making their way to the bridge from London.

Victims of the London terrorist attacks
Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones

Officer KH16, a Metropolitan Police sergeant, was the tactical firearms commander in the field during the response to the attack.

He arrived in an armed response vehicle codenamed Trojan 3N, driven by a colleague.

He overheard a message on the Police Chase Radio that read: “Shots, Trojan City, London Bridge.

KH16 told the inquest: “I saw a man all in black with his feet up towards the river and heading for the curb.”

He added: “I was approached by a City of London officer who said words similar to ‘he was shot, he has a suicide vest” and referred to several victims in the fishmonger’s hall. . “

Constable YX97, a City of London Police constable, was in the second armed response vehicle to arrive, named Trojan City Two.

He took a stand on the steps of the Fishmonger’s Hall and described how he saw Usman Khan sit down.

The officer, who was looking through his sights, told his colleagues that Khan was “tied up” meaning he had an improvised explosive device.

Narwhal tusk found after the terrorist attack on London Bridge.  Pic: Police met
Khan was stabbed with a narwhal tusk by a member of the public. Pic: Police met

The officer told the inquest: “He then sat down. At that point, I thought, ‘we are dead’.

“Due to the IED, it was the first move he made that was an action rather than a reaction to a bullet.”

They added: …

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